First And Most Important, Be A Gentleman. Be Polite & Kind.

Be Extra Clean

I am aware that some gentlemen coming to see me aren’t  able to freshen up before out time together. Maybe you're coming from work, golf tournament, where ever... I always have men's toiletries, mouth wash, and clean towels available upon request. Please take some time at the beginning to freshen up, you never know how naughty things will get!

Do not come in like Christian Grey.This is not 50 Shades of Grey. I don't need welts and bruises. I am very submissive but not to be beat on. Let's enjoy each other softly and sensually. Light spankings and hair pulling is ok.

The length of our rendezvous is exactly what you book. Our time will never be rushed but keep in mind, an hour is an hour.

My idea date is 90 minutes. It gives us time to get comfortable with each other if it's our first meeting, or time to catch up if we are already friends.

Please do not ask to meet with me before our date for coffee or drinks without thinking that time needs to be compensated. It is in poor taste.

Many gentlemen ask if they can bring wine or champagne with them. Yes, my darling. I will probably only have a glass but you're more than welcome to bring it. I prefer white.

Gifts are never ever expected. The fact that you chose to spend your time with me is gift enough. But, for the gentleman who like to bring a little something, any gift of wine is delightful. I also love Visa gift cards. Some of my other favorite gifts are toys. That will also put a twinkle in my eye.