Catch me if you can...I love traveling and miss all of my friend's. Here is my schedule: 

Catch me in Dallas: Feb 23-27

Catch me in Denver: Feb 27-March 3-7

Catch me in Kansas City: Mar 3-7

Catch me in Nashville: March 7-12

Catch me in Atlanta Mar 12-16





Welcome to Carissa's

Fun Space

I have created this space for my friends and fan's. It is my intention to create a site that is not all about business, but also for everybody's pleasure.

It is a work in progress. 


I am excited to meet you!

I love meeting new friends and visiting with my old friends

who I miss and cant wait to see. 

Call me, let's book a hot fun session together!



Tampa Mature BBW Escort

Orlando Mature BBW Escort

Upscale Mature BBW Escort Florida


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