A Frisky Frolick With Eduardo

   He texts me and wants an outcall. He passed my light screening, but I have to wait a few weeks before we meet. His name is Eduardo. He sent me his photo so I would know what he looked like before I visited with him. I then heard his sexy Sonorous Voice on the phone. We agreed to see each other around the Fourth of July. I made appointments to get my nails manicured, and to get my sexy feet a relaxing pedicure, followed by a Brazilian.... OUCH! I am always well groomed and pampered before any date. When I got home, I took a bubble bathe and moisturized my skin. I feel elated as I carefully select my favorite lingerie and put a dress on top. I am lost in thoughts as I begin to think about meeting with a stranger, and to be honest, it makes me very horny. However, the feeling of arousal in my clitoris as the silky panties slowly moves up to my now moist, freshly pampered pussy brings me back to reality. Silk, recently shaved legs, is a secret, sensual, erotic pleasure to my current excited mood. I spread my legs ever so slightly and start to caress my inner thighs. My fingers move ever so slowly towards my moist pussy lips as I have a vision of the upcoming meeting with the stranger Eduardo! I cannot resist it any longer. Yes, a quick play with my clitoris would do me well. As my fingers slide into my throbbing pussy, I must decide will I or will I not masturbate? The full effect of my black dress and accessories enhances my sensuality and feelings of arousal as I begin a new adventure with a new lover.

  I am now ready to depart and meet him. I leave my home floating on air feeling completely in command with the beginnings of the first flush of arousal of so many to cum this evening. My senses are on fire. Who is the stranger? Will he deliver? Will he be handsome? Will he be safe and fun? Butterflies in my stomach give me a little flutter as I drive to his home. I get a little lost, and ask him to meet me in the driveway. The tall handsome stranger is standing there to take me into his lovely home. He stands in the doorway, where I look up at him, and we kiss immediately, making small talk, as he leads the way to his bedroom. Instantly I feel his touch, it is electric as it moves through my body, causing all nerve endings to tingle. I feel that our chemistry is perfect between us. My senses are on heightened alert. He smiles at me and I suspect he is aware of his effect on me and my body. What has this man done to me? I longed to feel him inside of me. I want to feel his body against me. I want to feel every inch of him. I get down on my knees and kiss his thighs, getting closer and closer to his balls. I made sure he could hear the kissing noises, loudly smacking my lips to affect his sense of hearing erotic sounds.  He let out a moan when I put one of his balls into my mouth. Then I switch to the other one. He started breathing hard when I managed to put both balls into my mouth at once. I tenderly lick his balls while warming them up with my hot mouth. I use my tongue to move them all around. My lips are completely enveloping his entire sack up to the root of his shaft. As my hands begin to stroke his dick, I removed his balls from my mouth and licked his shaft with the tip of my tongue. I put my lips around the whole head of his dick and start to gently suck him off. Eduardo led me to his bed where he inserted his throbbing member inside my begging pussy. My hips bucked up against him, meeting it in the middle. I wrapped my legs around his waist. My breathing was heavy and short, but my moans were long and hard. He continued thrusting his dick inside my hot, slick walls. A few strokes later, and our hips found a rhythm. Our bodies danced in the dark. Our lips mashed and our hips clashed. Our chests melted together. The world seems to slide into a new world of pure pleasure. Once we came, we snuggled, and had some nice pillow talk. After our session together, I drove home, hoping he would see me again. We have seen each other several times, each time something different. He texts me weekly and has asked me to write him his very own story about out encounter. I obliged. If you have read the story and liked it, maybe we can make our own special story. Make an appointment with me! I love new beginnings!